Photo of actor Tony Randall.
This is not Patrick Hickey

This is not me.

‘Most people think advertising is Tony Randall. In fact, they think this business is made up of 90,000 Tony Randalls. Guys all very suave, all very Tony Randall. They’ve been fed the idea from Hollywood that an advertising man is a slick, sharp guy. The people know zip about advertising.’

- Jerry Della Femina

This is me.

I’m a London-based freelance copywriter. I learned my craft at many London ad agencies.

It was tough: tight briefs, tight deadlines, demanding creative directors, equally demanding clients.

Being suave meant diddly squat.

The work had to be of a certain standard - or else.

I learned not to do fluff. I do stuff that works.

And all done with a touch of humour.

Life’s too short to be up your own arse.

Photo of Patrick Hickey freelance copywriter.
This is not Tony Randall

The funny card business.

In 2019 I started a greeting card business. It was a way of expanding my copywriting skills, learning something new and having fun.

I originated all the ideas, did all the artwork, did all the website shenanigans, did all the trade shows.

It has taught me a lot.

Original ideas matter, for one thing.

And the fact no one knows why the hell one funny card sells and another doesn't.

Fickle public. But then again, there's no accounting for taste.

Funny birthday card from Rusty Pencil. Pen and ink calligraphy on blue background.