Copywriting and ads I like.

The good old days of copywriting. Remember them?

When I started in the advertising industry, my creative director told me that 90% of advertising was crap. He was right. Shit ads were everywhere.

You can apply his observation to most things in life. It's called Sturgeon's Law. Yes, it's a real thing.

Sadly, nothing has changed. We're still bombarded with tons of crap. Even worse, I think today's ad industry has simply given up on creating great ads and copy.

There are pockets of joy and originality to be found. But they are rare.

So to cheer us up, here are some of my pockets of joy and originality from them olden golden days.

They are to my taste. Some you may love, some you may think, WTF!

Who cares? You get the point.

Award-winning copywriting. Parker Pen press advertising. A man lying on his back with a pen in his chest.
Parker Pen award-winning copywriting press ad. Story of how a pen takes six days to make.
Long red pencil folded up with a Parker Pen pencil underneath. Parker Pencil award-winning poster.
Matt black Parker Pen on a black background. Award-winning poster.
Award-winning copywriting by Charles Saatchi. A fly eating food on a dinner plate.
Photo of a man and woman standing in front of a old farmhouse with a VW Beetle. 1960's award-winning press ad for Volkswagen.
Photo of a wolf in sheep's clothing. Award-winning poster for Fiat 132.
Award-winning poster for Fiat X1-9. Photo of the Fiat X1-9 with copy referring to the football world cup.
Two German men sitting together in a bar telling a knock, knock joke.
Picture of the car with a list of features it doesn't have. Witty copywriting.
1960's Volkswagen press ad with a red VW Beetle on a white background.
Photo of a small VW Beetle on a white background showing it can make your house look bigger. 1960's VW press ad.
Photo of Albert Einstein with a bad haircut. Award-winning poster for a hairdresser.
Industrial secrets for sale shredded into pieces. Award-winning Economist poster.
A car is stuck to a 48-sheet poster with Araldite. Award-winning poster.
Photo of Muhammad Ali eating a big Bird's Eye beef burger. Award-winning poster.
Photo of two Shredded Wheat in a bowl with milk with the headline 'Bet you can't eat three.' Award-winning poster.
Close-up photo of a cooked sausage on a fork. Award-winning poster for Wall's sausages.
Funny photo of a cat with a blow torch attempting to get in a fridge for some fish.
Black and white press ad parodying a press ad. Witty copywriting for Epson ink jet printer.
Photo of a Porsche with the headline about going fast without having to eat airline food.
Photo of an open-top Porsche with award-winning headline about getting more fresh air.
Photo of an open-top Porsche. Award-winning headline about blowing off steam.
1960's photo of a red chair on a parquet floor with a piece of paper under a chair leg.
Black and white photo of a Land Rover at an angle in a newspaper. Award-winning press ad and copywriting for Land Rover.
Colour photograph of a white horse being groomed by three people with a hairdryer, brush and nail polish. Award-winning ad for White Horse.
Colour photograph of a white horse with a ginger-haired woman dressed in black leather outfit. Award-winning poster for White Horse Whisky.
Colour photograph of a white horse with a tall American basketball player. Award-winning White Horse Whisky press ad.
Photograph of a white horse standing in front of a mirror. Award-winning press ad for White Horse Whisky.
Photo of a white horse underneath an umbrella sheltering from the rain. Award-winning White Horse Whisky press ad.
Photograph of a large white horse standing amongst a pile of white rocks. Award-winning White Horse Whisky poster.
A graphic of a family tree for dog neutering. Bow wow, bow wow press ad.
Photograph of a hand coming out of TV and grabbing a man by the throat. Poster for LWT on the Underground.